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jujube and hawkthorn processing line


Description of Chinese date/ Jujube and Hawkthorn processing line

Shanghai beyond machinery co., ltd is specialized in supplying Chinese date/ Jujube hawkthorn processing lines.

From designing solution, equipment manufacturing, to installing and commissioning and also training the operators, Shanghai Beyond supply complete turnkey projects for customers.

In processing the date juice, shanghai beyond developed two different procedures, include immerse add extractor and destoner add pulper, this can meet the different processing requirements of date and hawkthorn. Our self developed technologies of continuous cooker and vacuum extractor are in the advanced level, which are highly evaluated in both china and oversea.

Characteristics of Chinese date/ Jujube and Hawkthorn processing

1.Wide range of raw fruits are available, this line is applicable for all kinds fruits with similar characteristic such as date, jujube, hawkthorn and so on.

2.There are two different procedures, one is immerse add extractor, another is destoner add pulper.

3.According to different investment &#118alue and product structure, client can require average, middle level or high level processing equipments.

4.End product with pure flavor, bright colour, and high material usage percentage;

5.Whole line with features as high level automatical, low labour intensity, easy operation, safe function and low operation cost.

6.Whole line adopt sanitary design, can be cleaned thoroughly, with high level sanitation.

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